Sunday, 8 February 2009

Where to go?

I'm struggling at the minute to work out where to go with my work. The stress of third year is getting to me, as is my neurosis! Hopefully some sort of clarity will come, as all my ideas are buzzing round my head but none seem that great at the moment! I really need to simplify the work, waaay too much going on, but can't decide between making it into a more simple installation or pursuing the photographic / curatorial side of it. It's definitely a split personality at the moment. Weirdly all I want to do at the moment is go back to painting and taking photos. Oil paint seems so much more exciting than wallpaper and love letters! It's been a while since I felt like that...maybe uni has changed my work for the worse? Who knows but I've got to carry on with this now. Think I just need a tutorial, I love the little details in there, and it definitely has atmosphere, but the wide view is just awful at the moment. Obviously this was just a taster for my assessment, the real deal would be a proper little room. Quite glad I didn't do that now as I may have been even more despondant after my distinctly average assessment...

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