Sunday, 15 February 2009


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I've been looking at Gillian Wearing's work album and it's definitely given me a fresh view on my work. She reproduced six portraits from her family album, but they are in fact all her dressed up, using prosthetics and make up. I LOVE IT. They look really realistic, and it definitely took me a while to see that she was actually the model. I had a pretty successful tutorial with John, nothing really was said that was any different, but it cleared up a few things. I've decided explore two paths of inquiry to see what works out, and which method of display enhances my work and the meanings I want to portray. Firstly I'm going to do another shoot of vintage style images, but include some of the subtle nods to modernity and the falsity of the image. Sort of a cross between these two:

Things like shorter skirts, haristyles, slightly 'wrong' clothing, maybe some clues in the backgrounds. This will make the idea of unreliability of memory and historical retelling, and the blurred line between fact and fiction. Hopefully. Then I'll frame these in a normal gallery display similar to Wearing's possibly.
I'm also going to continue with my slide show. I like this due to the inherent history within slides themselves, and the hypnotic effect of the slide show. It also speaks of family albums immediately too. I'll either take more slide films, or get some of my new images put onto slides. Then fill the carousel, maybe on a timer? Then I can see which of the two methods will help enhance my work and make it most successful.

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