Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New Shoot

I needed to do a new shoot for my project, deadlines are looming ominously. Trying to get the balance between an authentic look with subtle modern elements is still something I'm trying to work out but here's another try. The few I just scanned in are here, unedited, straight from the film. Some of them are looking alright, just need to edit them.  This time I also shot three rolls of slide film, which I'll get back tomorrow, so I can see which method of display works best for the piece. This is probably one of my favourites:
The room is gorgeous for this (aha it helps when your grandparents live on an old farm).  The hair took a while to do, and there were a few moans of looking ridiculous, but I think they actually worked fairly well.  I've got everything crossed that my other films are going to come back perfectly exposed, as I'm still working out what works when using my Ikon and Voigtlander (nothing pricey, unlike Danny's new baby, but full of sentimental value). Old cameras are pretty (and smell of musty leather mmm) but I'm not capable enough to not have to guess at apertures.  Oh well we shall see.  I took quite a few in the garden which was nice, and some more in the lounge at the table, which is surrounded by lovely old trinkets.  If only I could fill my house with nice little things...but that's another story.

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