Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Edits...finally!

It's taken a while due to lack of funds and illness, but I finally did what I imagine is my last ever photoshoot for my degree. Scary stuff! It was at my Grandma's lovely house again, and hair and make-up was a much better affair this time. After getting the films back I found I had a few shots to choose from, but I'm still waiting on my slide film. Ahhh what a labour of love slides are. Anyway, I got back into my pattern of editing in the usual way (see images below) but found it just wasn't hitting the right buttons. It was all beginning to look a little cliched and, well, amateurish (even more so than usual) so I tried something completely different. I was going for a more filmic quality. It's not spot on but it's getting there. I'm just not sure if it's right for the image, although I do feel it adds to the narrative. Apologies for the poor quality, it was a quick scan and a quick edit, I hope that the final image will be better quality in more ways than one.

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